Automated Aqueous Processing Systems

Tooltek’s automated aqueous processing technology is used between manufacturing steps to eliminate unwanted material (e.g. particles, contaminants, and residues) that could later lead to defects, and to prepare the surface for subsequent processing. These products provide the process flexibility needed with high productivity to address multiple cleaning steps throughout manufacturing.


  • Single or double-sided brush scrub using PVA, Nylon, Teflon, Conductive, ESD safe bristles
  • Sonic Brushing (our patented technology for superior cleaning)
  • Precision cleaning via contact and/or non-contact
  • Contact penetration control as precise as 25 Micron
  • Sonication, Ultrasonic and Megasonic cleaning singularly or in batch
  • Fluid Blending, Dosing, and Dispensing
  • Can incorporate various chemistries including surfactant
  • Real-time Fluid Concentration Control
  • Fluid metering
  • Concentrate dispense or point of use dilution
  • Feedback for high accuracy applications
  • Can be combined with solvent steps
  • High and low-pressure spraying systems
  • QDR (Quick Dump Rinse), immersion, and injection flood washing
  • Ultra-high purity plumbing material
  • Single or Multi process tank
  • House to High Pressure spray rinse with programmable height and pattern control
  • Multiple drying technologies
  • Custom designed and built carriers for varieties of form-factors
  • Surface preparation, wiping, polishing
  • Linear, Rotary, or Hybrid process stage with custom configuration
  • Fully contained for safety, and cleanliness
  • User friendly intuitive HMI with animation
  • Privilege Assignment to Different Levels of Users
  • Part Scanning, Tracking, and Control
  • Data Logging and Historical Trending
  • MES Integration