Our extensive experience in the design, manufacturing, and implementation of custom automated systems is reflected in the diversity of our projects and services. We continue to expand our abilities and provide in-depth knowledge for a wide range of technologies.

Custom Automation Design & Manufacturing

  • Solvent & Aqueous based Cleaning Systems
  • Flammable and Non-Flammable Fluid Processing Systems
  • De-bond, Removal, and Surface Preparation Systems
  • Strip and Clean Systems
  • In-situ Chemical Recovery, Filtration, and Recirculation Systems
  • Wafer Handling Systems
  • Storage Media Handling Systems
  • Coating Systems
  • Etching Systems
  • Photovoltaic Processing Equipment (Thin Film, Wafer, Cells, Modules)
  • Robotic Transfer Systems
  • Assembly and Packaging Equipment
  • Device Handling, Feeding Systems
  • Multi Purpose Positioning Systems
  • Dispensing Systems
  • Functional Test Systems, Package Test Systems
  • Cutting, Drilling, Laser Ablation
  • Environmental Stress Systems (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, HAST)

System Integration

  • System Design
  • High Throughput
  • Custom Hardware Design
  • Software Development
  • User Friendly HMI
  • Privilege Assignment to Different Levels of Users
  • Part Scanning, Tracking, and Control
  • Data Logging and Historical Trending
  • MES Integration
  • Control, Measurement, and Data Acquisition
  • PC-Based ATE (Automated Test Equipment) for Production, Design Validation, and Reliability Testing

Control Solutions

  • Closed Loop Solvent Recovery, Filtration, and Recirculation
  • Fluid Blending, Dosing, and Dispensing
  • Real-time Fluid Concentration Control
  • Complex Motion Control
  • Integrated Machine Learning Control


  • System Design & Architecture
  • Advanced material handling to support batch or single work piece management
  • Production development of our customers’ process IP (Intellectual Property)