We work closely with customers to deliver the technologies needed to enable their success. By offering critical processing capabilities, our products provide a vital link between the visionary designs for the latest products and devices, and the companies that produce them. Processes used in the manufacture of today’s most advanced devices are challenged to literally push the limits of science with their features, materials, and complex structures. Meeting the fabrication demands of new designs requires precision control. Our technologies provide precision control at the atomic scale.

We build complete process systems for semiconductor, data storage media, opto-semiconductors, optical networking, LED, solar, photonics, biomed, and medical device electronics. Our process systems provide high throughput and reliability with chemical recovery, filtering, and re-circulation to minimize cost of ownership. Within all systems and stages, we provide advanced material handling to support batch or single work piece management. We provide prototype, alpha, beta, launch, and production tools using our own process engineering or production development of our customers’ process IP.

Surface Preparation

  • Strip and Clean: in Aqueous, Chemical, Solvent based environments
  • Brush Scrubbing: Single or double-sided scrub using PVA, Nylon bristle with penetration control
  • Sonic Brush: our Patented technology for superior cleaning
  • Sonication: Ultrasonic and Megasonic cleaning singularly or in batch
  • Ambient to High Pressure Scrubbing: Spray rinse with programmable height and pattern control
  • Chemical Mixing: Real time point of use mixing with programmable point of use concentration control
  • Closed Loop Solvent Recovery: In-situ Chemical Recovery, Filtration, and Recirculation
  • Dry-In/Dry-Out: Processed through various procedures for metal lift-off, resist strip, and particle removal resulting in free contamination

Robotics and Automation

  • Precision control at the atomic scale
  • Integrated Machine Learning Control (MLC)
  • Complex Motion Control
  • High Throughput
  • Assembly, pick and place and sorting
  • Simulation, testing and verification
  • Quality control

Material Handling

  • Custom designed and built carriers for varieties of form factors
  • Closed Loop Solvent Recovery, Filtration, and Recirculation
  • Fluid Blending, Dosing, and Dispensing
  • Real-time Fluid Concentration Control

Fluid Blending and Dispensing

  • Precision metering
  • Concentrate dispense or point of use dilution
  • Feedback for high accuracy applications
  • Ultra-high purity plumbing materials